Sunday, November 02, 2014

Why I do what I do

I think the first question I get asked all the time, is "You're a telecom engineer who has worked in the major cities, so why are you in Goa carrying out marketing?"

The answer is simple.
From the time that the discovery was made that the Earth is round, Man has been under the assumption that there is nothing more to be invented or found.

But, I have seen that there is definitely more to the Matrix than meets the eye.

When I worked in Mobile software in 2004, my first question was "Why can't we make something simple for my mum or dad to use?". The answer for that was User Experience and User Interface development.

When I joined Digital advertising, in 2007, my second question was "How can media be enriched using the mobile platform?". That answer was the Mobile Application.

When I worked in Digital mapping in 2009, my question was "How can devices generate more data around location?" . That answer was Big Data.

When I worked in Automation, my question was "why can't we control our robot using a mobile phone?" . That answer lead to the Internet of Things.

When I worked in developing a company in rural Goa, my question "why can't we popularise our company using the internet." That lead to Social Media Marketing.

When I worked in publishing, the question "How do I make media more locally relevant?" That lead to Social Local Mobile applications or SoLoMo.

So what did this mobile engineer do?
He started working to build platforms, which only he could build, because nothing was just marketing or just technology or just design any more.

First it was about making mobile software user friendly, then about putting online media on the mobile, then about using data from phones to build infrastructure, making homes more online savvy and now making rural content accessible digitally.

Finally, it was all about building digital media.

It is a potent cocktail of them all.

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