Monday, January 24, 2011

The perfect Obituary

You ever want someone to write your obituary, this is the way you should tell them to write it.
> Subject: Please Read: WARNING, this is not K
> Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 18:31:07 +0000
> I regret to inform all of you, that K has died.
> She died two weeks ago,
> from her addiction to cutting her wrist. I don't
> know what had gotten into
> her. But she did call and tell me a few things. She
> wanted me to email all
> of you, and tell every one of you that she loves
> you. Especially J, she
> wanted to say she loved you so much, and that she
> always will. She also told
> me to tell you that she wishes you the best in life,
> and that she'll always
> be in your heart, you just have to look.
> I dont' know how to explain half of the things going
> on in my head right
> now. I'm supposed to speak at her funeral. I have
> nothing to say, no words
> to express my sympathy, my aching heart. If you
> could manage to email me a
> few words about her that would be great. If you
> could manage it at all.
> I guess what hurt the most, was that there was no
> talking her out of it.
> It's like she had her mind set on these things, she
> gave up all she had, all
> her dreams. She was really ambitious. When she
> called me, she was in tears.
> She wanted to say goodbye to me, and everybody else.
> What I didn't
> understand was why she was destroying herself, and
> everybody around her.
> The point I'm trying to get out here, is that some
> times things happen for a
> reason. You can't change anything. But we all meet
> for a reason, and you can
> impact somebody's life in a second. I hope I can ask
> for all your prayers in
> this matter. There is a part of K still within
> me, even though she is
> dead, she's in all of us. What else can I say? Don't
> take life for granted,
> don't take the people you meet on streets, for
> granted.
> If you could, please email me something. I know i'd
> appreciate it, and I
> know she would have to...God bless her soul.
> Her friend,
> J

It's obvious, but this letter has changed my life forever. I hope it changes yours too.

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