Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What I like about Motorola

I had used the KRZR for a few months, and I must say I was impressed.
For a phone with a display that baaad :p it was suprisingly good.
The good things were:
  1. The text editor, had the autocomplete option, to the point where, if you write Cheers, you get the entire signature getting completed for you, which was so awesome when I was typing out mails in the Gmail java app. This auto-complete option, was present in every place you used the text editor, whether it was to write a URL ... or to create a contact in the Address book. Seriously, this option is NOT there in a Nokia phone.
  2. The Knight rider icon on the browser...looks cool!
  3. The UI flow is real good... but the aesthetics suck.... which is such a wierd combination!

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How does the Social Net work?

As anyone who went to school or college would tell you, any social network has:
  1. The progressive (active) networker -Paris
  2. The follower (passive) networker - Britney
Paris, is one who is always tickled by finding out and trying out something new, herself.
Hence, the main user of a social network, the one who is eager about exploring and using the social network to the fullest, is Paris.

Now, Britney, is more interested in taking some of the stuff which Paris has been raving about, and trying it herself. So, all Britney mostly does, is follow what Paris is doing.
So, if I wanted to understand how Britney behaves, all I have to do is to follow Paris's behavior, and I would then know what it is that Britney would be upto.

It's a lot easier to follow Paris since Paris is more active and eager for the spotlight. She also takes the initiative to try new things, so if she accepts something new... so will Britney.

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