Thursday, May 31, 2007

MoMo Bangalore May: jB5

(...Thanks to the MoMo Bangalore guys!)
Finally the big day arrived!
We were a little confused about how we should approach this event, whether we should look at providing a full demonstration of the mobile browser on the screen, or just a presentation of why we launched jB5 for free on Symbian and Windows Mobile.
We decided to do both :P
So we made a presentation more about the idealogy, the reason why we were giving jB5 for download on Symbian and Windows Mobile, when we actually sell the product with devices, before they are launched.
Regarding the demonstration, since I am rather scared of Live Demonstrations (since they are doomed to fail :P ), we made a video... so that while people may see a demonstration, the chances of it being a success, were higher ;-)
Also, we could get more people to just download it :p

Anyway, there we were, all packed and raring to go!
We reached the venue, and then realise there were not two, but four buildings of Nokia Siemens Networks, in the same area :-O
Finally we reached the place, and got the posters out!
It was an intimidating crowd, lots of new people!
The presentation raised a lot of questions, starting with the whole showcase vs. use-case argument about why we were showcasing our jB5 on Symbian and Windows Mobile, which already had enough browsers such as Opera Mobile, the Nokia S60 browser (based on the Apple Safari open-source code) and the Pocket Internet Explorer on the Windows Mobile platform.
Ofcourse, the argument is that we do this, to be able to directly compete with these products, on their home-turf, and let users provide their feedback on how we can better compete!
But where we target this browser, is the low-end market (think Razr kind of phones) where such products do not exist. Since the jB5 uses the same core engine, we would be able to provide the same kind of features on these platforms, after getting these features vindicated on the high-end Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms.
The second question was regarding how we can hope to better the Opera Mini.
The obvious point is, we can't!
The Opera Mini is designed as a thin client, that is, it has a back-end server which does all the real hard work, while the 98KB J2ME client, is just a window.
So, the Opera Mini is a solution for the low-end handsets today, which have their memory restriction as well as a restriction on the amount of bandwidth, since most data plans are still per KB, which means that more the bandwidth consumed, more the bill!
That also means, that the user has no option on how the content is to be viewed on the handset, since this view has already been set at the server.

But the jB5, is looking further, at the opportunity for the user to load the content, and then decide how he would like to be served. Hence, the jB5, is looking at the future, not at the present ;)

The third question was, what happens when we start charging for downloading jB5. The truth is, we never will ;-) This is a great opportunity for us to get evaluations out on a few reference platforms, with lots of support from the great mobile afficionado community :-P

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What I hate about the N-Series

...That they try to do everything without focussing on any one thing.
I wish they would bring the usability back up to the level of the Series 40 phones, with the 6085 being one of my favourites among the heavily featured, and very usable phones.


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

What I hate about Sony Ericsson phones

..Even though I love Sony Ericsson....
It's the joystick, which every mobile mechanic throughout the world would complain, as being the Achille's heel of Sony Ericsson.
Why, ...because it gets damaged so quickly.
That's why the SE W550I, SE W830I, SE W850I ...are pretty decent phones!


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spiderman III: Bollywood style

For me, Spiderman III was a little too melodramatic, almost like our Bollywood movies in fact :P
I mean, it almost seemed like Spiderman III was a joint production of Sooraj Barjatya and Karan Johar!
The funniest part, was to see, Spidey high-five everyone in the crowd, just like our Hindi movies, where the hero is like this big celebrity, who collects everyone's high-fives before he goes to take on the bad guy... or just sing a song :P
Oh yeah! Did I mention that there was dancing ?
Hilarious, just like the dancing in the wedding scenes (of our Bollywood movies, ofcourse :) ) :p

I mean, yeah, I know my superhero history, I know that Spiderman is most emotionally insecure of all the Marvel heros (always wanting to quit being Spiderman).... But!
But, but, BUT..... Crying? I mean the guy was almost bawling his eyes out at the drop of a hat!

Maybe our directors should sit in Hollywood, and vice versa !


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I hate Facebook

This is the one site I hated the most... just because of the security feature, which never ever accepts my verification password.
For some reason, they believe that everyone in the world has a US number, which I do not! :-(


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ever hated that Shortcut Bar on your Nokia phone

And wondered how to remove it?
I am talking about that shortcut bar which appears just below the time icon on the latest Nokia phones.
Well, after finding that friends kept finding it real irritating, I decided to post it, since it's so simple, but just that Nokia gave it a name, which no one would relate to the bar....Active Standby.

Go to Settings>Phone>Standby and deactivate Active Standby.



Thursday, May 03, 2007

Aishwarya and Hrithik

How the hell, can Aishwarya and Hrithik ever be thought of representatives of us Indians...Sheesh!
I mean... they look great...and behave perfectly.... which is exactly why they can never represent US!
We, Indians.... thrive on our imperfections, they are what make us unique ...give us an identity!
Perfection.... can never define us!
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