Sunday, January 22, 2006

Anoushka Shankar: Sitar Diva

Went for the concert today!
Rawks! I mean, Anoushka plays the sitar the way people like Slash play the Guitar, mind boggling!
The concert was for her album Rise.

What sucked, was the electronics used, done by this guy Gaurav! There was this amazing jugalbandi between Pedro on the piano and Anoushka on the sitar. Spoiling the masterpiece, was this irritating beat sound which felt to me, like a clown trying to join two dancers, who were doing fine by themselves, thank you!

Spoke to the guys handling the sound, looks like they were in agreement.

Then walked up to Gaurav while there were packing up, and told him so.

Obviously, the only response from the guy was"Disco beats! " , and when I told him about the clown scene, he's like "We'll try to do better!"

Hehe... he could do Worse :-p

But, I ...........still could be wrong :-p
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