Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dance: The ultimate litmus test

Consider this scene:
It's a first holy communion party.
There is music playing, and among all the dancing couples, there was a lil kid who kept on shaking his leg as if he was in an epileptic fit, all the time in this illusion that he was dancing.
That kid was me, in 1991.

So yeah, my dancing is crazy, and I'm crazy about dance.

I realise that now, the only way I will ever know if the girl I'm crazy about, is right for me, is by dancing with her.



If you dance with her, and she goes to dance with the nearest mirror reflection of herself, Man! you're out! She is definitely one of them Page 3 gals, making sure their still up!

If no matter which song, she just does a swivel and shake, she's tone deaf :p

If she has fixed steps, then she plays it by the book.

If she only gets REAL close to you when her back is turned to you, she wants a clandestine affair.

If she looks you in the eye throughout, a connection is established.

If it feels like you two have been dancing all your life, and that you two were made for each other, maybe you two are! :-p
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