Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Horny Green Goblin

Imagine having a dictat of becoming a villian... and actually overfulfilling this dictat.
That is exactly what happened on Thursday, the 24th of January.
Now .. tell me... what did I know... I was just told there was a party on Thursday night ... where the theme was Villians and Vamps.
So, I looked for my prospective villian.
Predictably, I looked at Satan :P .... so I came up wiht this idea of horns ... and turning myself red. Now the only other villians who came close, were the Green Goblin and the Wish Master.
So I started gearing up to get red, from the Holi colour vendors.
Now that didn't happen, because the Gujurati Guy who I asked for Holi colour, said that he got Green. 
I said "That should do!, But does it wash off?" 
He said "Arrey Bhai, ye Pakka Colour hai, Kachha nahi, yeh toh aram se nikalta pani se(Yo Mate, this is the permanent kind of colour, not the temporary kind of colour, it will wash off in a thrice!)"

I took the colour, went home, changed and got my cousin to paint the horns for me.
When painting, the horns took on this glorious emerald green hue.
That's when my cousin warned me that the colour didn't seem to come off his fingers.
I thought that was wierd, since the guy who sold the colour said"Arrey Bhai, ye Pakka Colour hai, Kachha nahi, yeh toh aram se nikalta pani se"

Anyway, I went to the party, and coloured my hands and eyes!
By the end of the party, everyone, including my boss :( was covered in Green !!!!! Yes .. they were all green, and raving for my red blood :P
By the time I got home, the damn colour seemed to have got onto my feet.
By the time I got up, the whole house was green, and wasn't washing off. I felt like I had propagated a deadly Greeen virus :((
Short story shorter, 3 weeks later, there were still a few spots here and there... and no... I didn't play Holi :P


Monday, January 14, 2008

Wifi on the P990i

I finally got the wifi working at home for my phone. Looks like this is a recurring problem on the P990i, according to the forums. I was first a lil miffed when a friend could easily log on with his N 81. Also, I could easily access other hotspots, but not the one at home :( . You wanna know the problem? My cousin had set it to WPA - PSK(which is more popular now), while my phone was set to WEP(which is what most hotspots use). Also, the N 81 could detect the kind of network, which is really kewl!
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