Friday, July 25, 2014

Why the PC internet craze never picks up in the village.

Because people don't have the time to sit in one place.

In the village, there is a routine set up for the entire day, which may involve as many as five different locations.
People here, are used to first reading the newspaper, or maybe even five newspapers, when they start their day.
But this won't necessarily include the internet, atleast not for 85% of the population.

Then they are on the move the whole day, on the mobile if you will.

Most messages I see on mail, are typically from a mobile device like the iPad.

That's why website related services, will never actually work outside the city.

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Friday, July 04, 2014

The Pwefect Phabbit

With the Pwefect Phabbit, it's all about looks. As the Russians say "You are judged first by how you look, appear , then by what you know."
Therefore, the first Rabbit, is all about first impressions, about how you entice the reader, the viewer, the watcher, the voyeur.
For it is with the eyes, that we first start sensing things around us. Hence the first rabbit, is very focussed on how he is perceived, whether on the streets or on the internet.
Because if you don't watch out for your reputation, there are always those, who seek to create and therefore cement their version of your reputation.
Imagine if the Pwefect Phabbit, went for a job. His future employer, will first check with people around him, the references provided, then he will search for news around the Pwefect Phabbit online.
Now the Pwefect Phabbit, has been smart. He has been constantly writing blogs, putting his best pictures and making the right connections on professional networks.
Oh, the employer is so happy, he hires the Pwefect Phabbit the next day.

How did he do it?
What makes the Pwefect Phabbit so perfect?

The first thing, is that the Pwefect Phabbit first listened and watched. He read blogs by various people online, watched their photographs, viewed their videos and slowly started engaging with them to understand them better.
The more he engaged with others, the more he was clear on who he wanted to be.

He then nibbled at this. He first put up a picture of a bird he liked, which he had taken with his camera phone.. Then he took a picture of his water glass with a tubelight behind it and posted it.
Nothing great, but atleast it was all original.
As he spoke with more people online he was more sure about who he liked and didn't like.
Similarly, he was more clear about which parts about him, he liked more. So what did he do?
Well he focussed more on the parts he liked. He started building a profile about himself, talking about what he liked, what he didn't like, what he thought about the world at large.
He also focussed on the world in small.
So what happened?
Well, as more people started talking to him, and his profile had more about him, there were even more people who wanted to talk to him.
So the Pwefect Phabbit, started putting more in his profile, slowly working it, to try to get more hits on his profile.
He realised that the more he talked about the things he liked, the more likely he was to find others who liked the same things.
And the more he found people who liked the things he liked, the more interested he was in finding more about them.
Some had done a lot more with themselves, while others had done a little less. But everything was different, because people were different.

So the more Pwetty the Phabbit looked, the more people came to look at him.
And the more he looked at others, the more he found things he could improve in himself. To figure it out better, he started looking for real role models, people with high levels of popularity
who he could relate with. Obviously, the more popular the role model, the more likely that the role model would be very well connected and aware of different skills of communication.
So the Pwetty Phabbit just kept up conversations with his role models and tried to understand them better.
The more he understood them, the more he understood himself.

So he started step by step. First pictures of his eyes, then his nose, which really got a lot of reviews from the crowd and then onwards to the full picture, with options.
First one fluffy ear, then his long point teeth.
When he reached his little bobby tail, then he felt comfortable.

Of course, when he looked pwetty enough, he looked for other pwetty rabbits to converse with.

Spy Rabbit

The spy rabbit, was the ultimate journalist. He wanted to know everythign there was to know about every body. Of course, that also meant, that everyone was also very interested in knowing what he knew.
So he started building a little fortress, where his little burrow was made more and more secure. The first thing he realised, was that he didn't want everyone to know where he was.
So he first changed his name.
He created a pseudo name, a pseudonym. The beauty of this pseudonym was that no one else had the name, so he could keep using the same pseudonym whereever he went.
He didn't have to worry about remembering a different pseudonym everytime he went to a new club, or college. Every pplace used the same name, so he didn't have to
keep a separate book with all the pseudonyms, which someone else could steal.
Once he figured out the pseudonym he wanted to use, the next step was the password. he realised that initials with a number was a secure form, but that he had to keep changing it, because different places
required a different form of password. So then he tried to create a universal password, which would work with most clubs and communities.
The next thing he realised, was that he couldn't waste all the effort he made in making the pseudonym and the password, by having others find it.

So he made sure that no one would be allowed to remember his password, even those who promise to take good care of him and keep him safe. For he knew that all the club wanted
was to take him in, but never to let him go.
So he made sure that all his visits were brief and never were he to let his guard down.
For those around him, were eager to know more about him, to steal it if they had to. For the only way they were able to keep a control of him was to keep a control on all he knew.

Once he was sure, he then double checked. He realised there are traps being laid everywhere for him to sacrifice his privacy.

First thing, was the credit card, he realised that it was so easy for someone to just take his number and use ot to book their own purchase using his money.

So before he chose what he wanted to do, he had to choose who he wanted to do it with.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why adults don't wear the Smart Watch

For the longest time, people thought that watches would go out of style, because everyone could tell the time using their mobile phone.
Well, they didn't and people still use their watch to tell time, and pay their watch repairman obscene amounts of money to ensure that it continues to do so.

But anyway, the truth is that smart watches were never really built for adults, the same way in which iPads were never really built for the hacker.


Smart watches have been around for years, and they were doing a lot of nifty things which phones have just started doing:
  1. They were the first digital diaries, being able to store 40-50 numbers at a time.
  2. They were the first calculators, and also the devices with the first dedicated numerical keypads.
  3. They were the first remote controls.
  4. They were the first learning remote controls.
  5. They were the first thermometers.
  6. They were the first devices to sync up with the computer.
And who was using them?
Kids, teenagers.

So what do you know, who'll be using them again?
Kids, teenagers.
And who'll be paying for them?
Their parents.
Using online systems and dashboards :P

National Treasure - Goan Genealogy

Treasure is something from the past, which is valuable for two reasons; one because it is old and secondly because it has inherent value.
So, if our ancestors did something in the past which is valuable, then it is our duty to value it, by creating a story for others to value it by.
And, if it is valuable to the history of our country, then it is National Treasure.
So this genealogy, is it an art or a science, or both?
And what about genetics and this genetic profiling.
Genealogy, like History, to me, is an art, because it is a story on life past, where the description, is wholly dependent on who the story teller is. Hence, the perspective on how history, or our story, is told, is important.

It is, in a sense, like time travelling.
For as the child is the father of the man, so, to a large extent, who your ancestors were, defines who you are.
And, by that extension, a large part of who your predecessors become, is defined by how you have lived.
Imagine living through the world wards, through your ancestors, especially when they lived in the same house as you live today.

And then think of future generations taking forward the story which you write.

So, Genealogy is the art, where you write a story on what was and what will be.

Genetic profiling is the science, whcih defines what medical history you have through the generations and what sickness you prepare against, keeping life more fun, just by being prepared.

Genealogy by name : Where you identify people by the family name.
Genealogy by profession: Where families are identified by the work they do.
Genealogy by food: Where people are identified by the food they like and the food they liked to cook.

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Social Media Etiquette

There is only one bible with regards to social media, the Cluetrain Manifesto!
Nothing else will do.

Why do we need social media etiquette?
Because we think that just because we are on the information superhighway, we can build relationships at the speed of thought.
The truth, is that the internet and social media, is all about conversations, not about relationships.

Most social media interactions, are more with the platform than with each other, like how you first end up talking more with your mobile service's call centre before you talk with your friends/colleagues.
So it's more like talking with a bot, where being online, we think that this is some kind of software we can hack, that we easily turn every woman we meet online, into our girlfriend.

The most important lesson in conversations, is to first listen.
Understand where the person of interest comes from, what is it that they like and what is it that they are online for.
Once you think you understand what the person is about, then start conversing about a topic which you both share in common. Approach it step by step and voila, you are in conversation.
The more conversations you are able to have with different people from various walks of life, the more adept you will become at social media.

First read, then write.

In any conversation, as my grand daddy taught me, stay away from discussion are:
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Money
  • Spouse
  • Race
  • Work

This will ensure that you start on a very neutral base, because since you're not chatting with someone facetoface, it's very hard to understand when you've hurt someone. The intention with social media therefore, is to maintain the conversation, not to break it.
People have had just way too much negativity in their lives, don't add to it with your own.

Direct the conversation to the other person, that way when your turn to speak comes, it'll be more as an invitation.
Social media is not a competition, don't try to fight over someone with someone else, there are just too many fish in the sea for you to worry.

Don't use greetings like "Good morning, Good evening or Good afternoon" unless you're absolutely sure about the time zone in which your conversational partner resides?

Tailor the conversation to the listener, don't blather on about computers to someone who hardly uses a phone. Similarly you wouldn't want to talk about bikes, to someone who prefers bus-rides, cars and trains to

Don't take yourself seriously, look at your past as a joke, if you do, you'll find lots of stories there to use to enthrall your listeners.

A good story, is one which actually transports the reader/listener into a whole new world, one filled with fantasy and intrigue.

Create  unique content, which will show more about you to the right people more as a creator than just a sharer.

Focus on your hobbies, it might become your breadwinner tomorrow.

Playing dumb is always a better option than playing smart. Playing smart would just leave you lonely.

Enjoy each conversation to the full, you'll never know when the conversation will end.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Trust in God, but never remember your Passwords

How many of us actually go out, without carrying our keys where ever we go.
Like do you ever leave it on the door itself?

No? So why do you do it with email account, your facebook account.

And not just on your laptop, but on your iPad and your phone.

Because today, almost every website, has a default setting "Save Password".
If you're going to save your password on any device, you might as well not have a password at all.
It's like that Terminator movie scene, where Arnold arnold Schwarzenegger's character literally picks up a phonebook and has access to all of Linda Hamilton's character, Sarah Connor's data including where her mother stays.

That is the kind of situation we are in today.

Think of the day your mother passes away , in her will she leaves her house to you. And then the next day you find that the keys have been stolen and somebody changed the locks.
How would you feel about that, would it not make you feel lost, especially if you have no home to go to.

That is exactly what it would feel like, if the only email account you used, was suddenly locked to you, and you had no way of getting in.

And this is only the desktop.
Today's mobile is way more complicated, such as Twitter not letting you log out of their mobile website.
Or applications like Whatsapp having no log off button.

You might ask "If I have to remember all my usernames and passwords, how will I remember them".
It's just like keys, if you keep too many keys for everything, then you're going to have a lot of keys to keep in your bag or purse.
The simpler thing to do, is to reduce the number of keys you have.

The next question is, what happens in case you die. Is there a nominee policy like there is in banks, where your account automatically goes to the nominee mentioned by you.
A similar process may be created for websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, where your profile could be turned into an obituary.

Hence, in conclusion, we have to figure out ways to reduce and make simpler, the art of keeping their lives secure.

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Thursday, May 08, 2014

How to get online without getting undressed!

This is not a story about the most internet illiterate person you'll ever meet.
No, rather it's a story about the internet celebrity, making the mistake you'd never make, just because they never worried about getting caught.

But hey, everybody gets caught in the end, whether they be Charles Sobhraj or Carlos the Jackal. But few get to write a story they can sell, about it.

Mark Zuckerberg, the man who created the platform which got everybody exposing everything about themselves, actually gets caught saying a lot of nasty things about how he just wants to win, irrespective of every body else.

Or Evan Spiegel, CEO of arguably the most popular chatting platform around, actually being exposed for the sexist he is. Also that he writes pretty bad emails.

So what does that have to do with you?

Everything, because you're no way half as popular as these guys, or if you are, you're definitely way more savvy to be reading this.

Because looking good online, starts with the most basic of conversation, the email.

And it starts with the most basic of skills, touch typing.

So yes, learn to type in full, rather than think it's cool to write in abbreviations, or by murdering all the vowels in a word. Because if you did that, you'd just backstab yourself or score your own self goal. How embarrassing is that?

So don't , because as someone who has been in different industries will tell you, that the jargon which seems self evident to everyone there, actually has another meaning altogether when you go to another industry. So be clear. I like the way the British simplify everything, like calling ATMs (also known as Asynchronous Transfer Mode in Computer Network terminology) cash machines and SMS as texts.

The simpler you talk or write, the easier it is for people to understand you.

So yes, emails should have a different subject line, summarising what the content is.

And don't use only Capital letters (Also called All Caps) in your emails at all, because it is considered as shouting, and should never be done ever.

When you write, try to maintain a conversation, rather than expect people to treat every word you say as the gospel, which they don't even do it for the priest today.

Talk to people in every day terms, in things which they are used to doing. So yes, first observe, then elucidate.

And write with the thought that one day you might be quoted, out of context. That's the fear I live with everyday I write.

From text to images, don't expect people wanting to actually see you, no they don't want to. What they would really like, is to see things through your eyes, like the way people like to see things through the eyes of JoegoaUk.

And please, if you want to share pictures of your wedding pictures, or your batchelorette party, do it with only your friends. That goes for the every day bar picture as well.

Let's be frank, the reason that you see people in pictures such as on Page 3, are those who really want to be there and expect to be there. Hence they ain't going to be all sozzled out when they get their picture clicked. So if you aren't in your senses, stay away from pictures of any kind.

Don't let people tag you, spend some time reviewing privacy on Facebook , of which there is actually none.

So yes, end of story is, when you go online, it is the same as when you go out.

Put your best foot forward.

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Twitter needs tweaking

The problem with Twitter, is that they still haven't really understood what it is all about.

Twitter as a network is more personal than any other network, because it is more about your true thoughts and feelings.

The biggest screw-up with Twitter is the Direct Messages feature, which has been given step motherly treatment right from the beginning. Currently, it is the most vulnerable part of Twitter, collecting spam and being used to spam visitors.

Friend search, a real mess. Twitter doesn't even have the option whereby you can search within your own friend list.

I miss summise, the search engine which Twitter bought to drive their own Twitter search. That search engine classified tweets my the mood, whether happy or sad. That would come in handy in removing trolls from a conversation.

What needs to happen with Twitter, is the ability to create a garden of thoughts, where seeds planted by someone, are grown by others and then reach a stage of real-world application, if possible.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Teaching people to brand themselves online

So, I've just finished the first workshop on "How to get online, without getting undressed!" which involved a blindfold so participants were under the illusion of privacy, where it didn't exist.
It was interesting that I actually managed to get the kind of response that participants actually felt that they were more in a position of control of their online lives due to this workshop, which for me was immensely satisfying, for if just one participant said that, nothing else mattered.

So far, so good. On to the next one, "Trust in God, but never remember your passwords!"

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