Friday, October 31, 2014

No Log-in standard for Social Networks

As someone who logs in almost twice a day into his social networks, I must say that it gets frustrating that there is no standard login procedure for the most popular social networks.

  1. Does not let you log in using your email address, only your username.
  1. Has an extremely complicated password standard, hence you will need to make a specific password for Yahoo which can't be used anywhere else.
  1. Only wants email address as the login, not the user name.
  1. Only wants email addresses instead of username.
 Why can't they allow both?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frederika Menezes - Unforgotten!

It was an amazing ride.

For a book less than a hundred pages long, a novella, it took me quite a few months to read, despite the fact that I usually go through 1000 page novels in weeks.

Because the first few pages took me to a cloud of crazy fantastical writing, where each word was beautifully crafted and well adjusted to the other, so well adjusted in fact, that I have never seen such writing before.

Your immediate thought in the beginning is that the writing is an allegory, related to the author's life in some way.

Then you slowly realise that she is not actually talking about herself, she is actually writing in the voice of a man, and not even a Goan, a Britisher called Ian. I mean, yes he is a writer, but that is where the similarity ends.

The references to Goa are so fleeting, that you could miss it, but there are great insights, which are worth pondering on, like the multilingual nature of Goa and where the hospitality exists and where it is going.

Straight-away I could identify with the protagonist, although it was after the first few pages.

From floating in a cloud, the next few pages bringing you to ground so hard, that you find yourself landing running, like when you jump from a moving local train in Mumbai, which seems to have no intention of stopping.

The pace then gets so frenetic, that you realise that you don't want to do anything, but finish the book to the end, if only to know if Ian actually finds Clarisse or not.

Of course she seems like a ghost, like an unbelievable dream come true, with all the necessary baggage that entails.

The book suddenly gets so mature from being so whimsical, that you start questioning what's real and what isn't.

The concept of going after your first love is so enthralling, that it makes you wonder if it is possible for you too.

Maybe it is.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jaguar's #Goodtobebad commercial - The Perfect Commercial and Concept

I truly loved Jaguar's "Brits make the best villians" commercials.

  1. It plays on the fact that the British, have actually been one of the biggest villains on Earth, using strategies such as Divide and Rule. Even today, a typical British tourist will appear really nice, but the truth is that they will be causing all kind of trouble, which will inevitably lead to them getting their way and you losing out.
  2. The irony that Jaguar today is an Indian company, owned by Tata Motors, makes the whole "Brits make the best villians" concept even more funny. Imagine that a country which was ruled by the British as a colony, buys off a British company and then makes commercials saying "Brits make the best villians". It just looks to me like making an Englishman eat his own hat.
  3.  The size of the videos, ranging from 22 seconds in actual content to 2 minutes, are actually perfect for India, since even with a really bad rural landline connection, you can still be able to view the video in a few seconds.
  4. The irony that Ben Kingsley, who is known to Indian only as the man who play Gandhi, is considered as the best villian, is another priceless hint, too good to pass up.
  5. The car itself, is truly villainous, hence here we have the perfect message for the perfect car. 
Update 27th October 5.30 a.m. : I just saw the commercial on the TV, and it looks glorious. Much to be said about review on small screen and view on big screen.

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Sore eyes- Conjuctivitis: It's treated worse than AIDS or Ebola

Sore eyes or Conjunctivitis, is the most misunderstood disease, even among doctors.

First the cause, people believe it comes by looking into the eyes of someone with conjuctivitis.
Wrong! That almost sounds like death rays coming out of someone's eyes to zap you.

I lived with my whole family having the disease for nearly two weeks and never got the disease despite that.
The reason I got it, was because I used the blanket used by my cousin. So you can get conjuctivitis through secretions.

The reason I didn't get it for so long, was because I was using different towels and bathrooms from them.

Now the cure: Suggested cures varies from rose water, to coriander water, to antibiotic drops to Urine (I kid you not!)

Actual cure is to keep washing your eyes with cold water and wash your hands everytime you touch your eyes.

Why do people who have sore eyes, wear Sunglasses!
1. Because it prevents them from touching their own eyes and passing the infection on.
2. It prevents secretions directly impacting those around the infect person.

Yesterday, after getting a clean chit from the doctor, I started roaming around the whole day with sunglasses, at night too.

What I realised is that people have an unwarranted fear, a form of racism if you please, that means that people will not sit next to you. Another thing is that people will stay away from you at a distance of 5 feet.

This just shows, how badly an unwarranted fear can spread, even faster than an actual disease could.

Unbelievable? Believe it.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harassment by Security Code: Linkedin, Gmail and Microsoft

Did you notice that lately your normal email provider or social network (not necessarily the same), are now blocking your access on mobile phone browsers, by saying that "You seem to be accessing your phone from a suspicious location".

Then, they say that they have sent you a code to an alternative email address and if you use a normal phone like a Nokia Asha 200, like me, it means you have to close the browser window, then open the email window to copy the code.

Then when you go back to the browser window, the window has expired and they then give you another code for you to enter, which is again mailed to your alternative email address.

Then, I get another message on my email application, saying that my native email application will be discontinued by 21st November.

What the fuck!

Why are they doing this?

Because all these providers, want to force users to use the internet on a desktop and use applications when you are on a mobile phone.

The loophole is:

For phones like the Nokia Asha 200, that doesn't have a Linkedin Application, a Whatsapp Application (Yes, you heard me right!) and no Outlook application, there is no option.

So Fuck you Linkedin, Whatsapp and Outlook.

And love you Facebook(Yes, you heard that right too!).

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Tripadvisor has its' days numbered!

Why do I hate Tripadvisor so much?

Exactly... because these days, all that you see on Tripadvisor, is Hate.
I mean, most people who take trips, travel to places like Goa, where Internet is not even easily available. So even the place where you stayed at, might not even have a decent internet connection (especially not in the monsoons) to even respond to your rant on Tripadvisor.

What does this mean?

This means that most of the complaints, come from developed countries and cities where the internet connection allows them to monopolise the internet and hence Tripadvisor, thereby creating a huge hate bank to vent whenever a case seizes their attention.

What is the impact?

Well, it just means that about 20% of your visitors, choose to rant and rave and appear to speak for the remaning 80% of the population, who don't even have a voice.

So, rather than look at a place and it's value from a local point of view, we are subject to a foreign view of a land we live in.

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