Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tripadvisor has its' days numbered!

Why do I hate Tripadvisor so much?

Exactly... because these days, all that you see on Tripadvisor, is Hate.
I mean, most people who take trips, travel to places like Goa, where Internet is not even easily available. So even the place where you stayed at, might not even have a decent internet connection (especially not in the monsoons) to even respond to your rant on Tripadvisor.

What does this mean?

This means that most of the complaints, come from developed countries and cities where the internet connection allows them to monopolise the internet and hence Tripadvisor, thereby creating a huge hate bank to vent whenever a case seizes their attention.

What is the impact?

Well, it just means that about 20% of your visitors, choose to rant and rave and appear to speak for the remaning 80% of the population, who don't even have a voice.

So, rather than look at a place and it's value from a local point of view, we are subject to a foreign view of a land we live in.

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