Friday, August 11, 2006

Mobile Metro ?

I've been travelling everyday by the train to work, here in Berkshire.
The one thing I read religiously, has been the Metro paper.

This paper was always lying around the train when I got in, and I thought it must be real popular for everyone to be reading it... till I realised...
it was FREE!

Then I started reading up the free newspaper model which Rupert Murdoch is now going to emulate with thelondonpaper.

By distributing free, they ensure maximum distribution, approximately 1.1Million subscribers in UK, around four months back.

There is always a scheme for getting a free burger, or cheaper tickets, or free tickets.

To get these offers, you need to make a premium call, or send email.

My point is ... what if someone gave me the Metro, on a mobile.

I could do all that ..and much more!.... with the mobile.

Already I see people checking up news online with their O2 XDA2.

My point, enable metro kind of advertising and offers, and you got it made.

Easier said than done!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

The kewlest thing about the iPod

is that there is no mention of the Apple brand anywhere on the device.
The only place where the apple icon appears, with the iPod name, is on the silver back cover.

All the other consumer devices out there, remind of all those t-shirts with the brand in front, where the focus is more on the brand, rather than the cut and quality of the t-shirt.

Product, before brand?



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