Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Video conference, always an issue

In 2004, when we first spoke about videoconferencing over 3G, I remember snickering, that the biggest problem which will occur when someone has just finished a bath and then gets a call.
Today, that is the biggest problem with video conferencing, that the angle is wrong and that people's appearances are being compromised.

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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Mobile as a Salesperson

What is the function of a mobile today?

  1. It is a connector between people
  2. It is a creator of content
  3. It is a seller of goods and services
So that's it, the mobile is a Sales guy.

But she isn't the credit card saleswoman trying to sell you things you don't need, she waits for you to ask for something and then gets it for you.

She is resourceful and understanding.

She will not give you something which she doesn't like herself.

The mobile, is not a computer (the very comparison sends shudders down my spine)

It is not a tool to educate, to inform you, to make you a better teacher.

It is a wand, an instrument of excitement, one which creates that feeling of wonder of the world around you, because it too, roams the world everyday as you do, discovering different snippets around it and you, without you even knowing about it.

Today, the way one shops, is to ask for something, then watch as the sales person checks if it's there or not, where it mostly isn't, where then the job is to send a request down the supply chain all the way to the manufacturer, and then wait to see if there's a response from the manufacturer, by which time the consumer is already bored and either looking for a substitute or is willing to go without.

Tomorrow, you won't shop, you will just be provided what you want, when you want it.

Based on what you buy, and what other shoppers like you buy, the required product will be made available and pinging at your door, waiting for you to let it into your home.

Think of Harry Potter and all the things flying into Hogwarts Hall on their own, and you get the picture.

Mobile is the magical salesperson.

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