Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I need a Night Rod Special

My new affair

Rode a '97 standard 350 Bullet(from Royal Enfield) for around 5 years, and the feeling came across that I need a Night Rod because:
  1. Vehicles are much faster now, when I used to ride on highways, the faster beast was either a Skoda Octavia or an Innova, today there are much bigger monsters such as the Toyota Fortuner or a passing Cayenne. I had being passed over :p
  2. After my black bullet, the most beautiful black bike has to be the Night Rod, now if only they could paint the silencer completely, it would be perfect :)
  3. Was looking out for the Night Rod, from places in Dubai, but the biggest issue was the ability to service the bike here. Now with Harley Davidson in India, that problem has just been erased :P
  4. After selling my bike in January, to a cute gipsy couple who needed a bike for the country, I just don't see myself going back to Royal Enfield, would rather something bigger and badder.
  5. The Suzuki Intruder looks nice, but just appears too big to me. Also, there already seems to be one in Pune :D
  6. Being an entrepreneur now, the Night Rod seems like my definition of Toruk Makto, my attainment of being the fastest guy on the road.
  7. After this, no more bikes, but only after this :P

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Cycling in Pune

Well, finally got myself off motorised vehicles, thanks partly due to the fact that my office is just around 4 bus stops away from home.
Its' nice that Pune has cycling paths, reaching right up till the office gate.
Few things which need noticing:
  1. Being Pune, Jaywalkers and riding in any open path is the norm :(
  2. Garages take this as an excuse to pile in even more cars outside their shop.
  3. You get a lot of motorcyclists taking this as an excuse to ride the path the wrong way.
  4. Pedestrians too, use this for a great place to walk and talk (No thanks to Idea :p).
  5. One way to get people out of the way is to shout Mummy and Papa to every obstructor :P
  6. Cycling makes you hungry, hence a good breakfast, usually two boiled eggs for me, with a broon(Pune speciality, like a big Bombay Gutli :P ) bun and a heavy meal at night helps. Don't worry about putting on weight, the additional metabolism more than makes up :P
  7. Try wearing comfortable shoes, preferably those without heels
  8. Use a comfortable pair of sunglasses, Polaroid is my preference, since the Pune glare usually is enough to run offices during the day on solar power itself :P

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