Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cycling in Pune

Well, finally got myself off motorised vehicles, thanks partly due to the fact that my office is just around 4 bus stops away from home.
Its' nice that Pune has cycling paths, reaching right up till the office gate.
Few things which need noticing:
  1. Being Pune, Jaywalkers and riding in any open path is the norm :(
  2. Garages take this as an excuse to pile in even more cars outside their shop.
  3. You get a lot of motorcyclists taking this as an excuse to ride the path the wrong way.
  4. Pedestrians too, use this for a great place to walk and talk (No thanks to Idea :p).
  5. One way to get people out of the way is to shout Mummy and Papa to every obstructor :P
  6. Cycling makes you hungry, hence a good breakfast, usually two boiled eggs for me, with a broon(Pune speciality, like a big Bombay Gutli :P ) bun and a heavy meal at night helps. Don't worry about putting on weight, the additional metabolism more than makes up :P
  7. Try wearing comfortable shoes, preferably those without heels
  8. Use a comfortable pair of sunglasses, Polaroid is my preference, since the Pune glare usually is enough to run offices during the day on solar power itself :P

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