Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goafest: Thoughts!

The entire focus of Goafest, was that Advertising had changed, that's it's inherent nature, has been corrupted.

The advent of the internet, changed everything. Where traditional advertising created a stereotype, and propagated it, new advertising needs to understand the various fragments created, the various parts of the Long Tail.
The old advertiser, was an out and out creative guy, who over the years, has got so drawn into a rut, that his focus today, is just implementation. The world has changed so much, that the focus of the new media man, is to build the concept, and figure out which mediums are to be used as the message.

The truth is, traditional advertising has dropped by 20% every year. No country is isolated from the other. Things which happen around the world, happen in India. There is a local side to the everyday individual, and an increasingly common global side.

There is a merger happening, advertising as it stands, stands for Print and TV.
New Media, stand for New Disciplines, for the merger of software with creativity, for the merger of the truth with the message.
People don't trust advertising any more, advertising can no longer be about the message, it should be about the medium.
Advertising as it exists, can no longer exist on the Internet Medium, Phishing and other Popup Blockers killed them looong back.

Content can no longer be paid, it always had to be free. The best things in life SHOULD be free.

No longer can advertising focus on living off good content, it has to BE the good content.

Does that mean that Print and TV, don't mean nothing? They always have, and they always will. A true work of art, will always be on paper, and the most funny thing ever, where the user does nothing, will be the TV.

We need to be driven by the concept, not the product.
The true champion today, is not the artist, but the freak, a product of multiple disciplines. A cocktail of different talents, and a company willing to outsource to companies who can make miracles happen.

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