Monday, June 11, 2012


It's said that today people prefer to be on the phone talking 24/7 , when they could be actually enjoying the good life, if they moved all their talking to email and chat. Will work out cheaper too.

The evolution of the Bajaj Pulsar

Before the Bajaj Pulsar, there was the Hero Honda CBZ with the faired headlight.
When the Pulsar came out, people were raving about:
1. The naked headlight 
2. The great turning radius
3. The faith in Bajaj

Then Bajaj started adding in more and more fibre to the Pulsar, resulting in the almost fully rustproof 220F.

Now, with the 200NS(Naked Sport), Pulsar is back to being the creme de la creme of sports bikes, with 23.5bhp of power, putting even the Bullet to shame.


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There is a big outcry of the Internet versus the real world.

Problems with the Internet:
1. No perceived connection with the real world.
2. Too much information but no action.
3. Creation of social networks purely for the purpose of building huge databases of subscribers which can be sold to advertisers.
4. Racism due to creation of Internet (I.T.)workers (overpaid & underworked) versus real life workers (underpaid & overworked).
5. Extensive focus on the English language, hence the belief that if you don't read and write in English, you are not fit to be on the Internet.

Problems with the real world:
1. Perceived complexity of the internet world.
2. Belief that Jugaad and influence will prevail even over the internet.
3. Leaves all internet related work to the geek, then complain about how the geek never really works.

This is where the Outernet comes in:
1. The phone acts as a translator where online information is transmitted once you reach a real location. E.g. When you reach the State Bank of India, you realise it's closed. Using your phone, you then are able to check online what the bank timings are, and whether any other bank can be used. Then you find their location and use the phone to give you the right direction there. This is doable with almost every phone which has an internet browser, since the operator always provides a default internet connection, which is chargeable.

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