Saturday, April 22, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Is Goa a part of India?

A. Yeah, and a state to boot :P
So says Wikipedia:

After India gained independence from the British in 1947, Portugal refused to accede to India's request to relinquish their control of its exclave. Arbitration by the United Nations General Assembly in the 1950s ruled in favour of self determination. Finally, on 1961-12-12, the Indian army moved in, uniting the colony with India. After a brief skirmish lasting for twenty-six hours, Goa, along with Daman and Diu (enclaves lying to the north of Maharashtra), was made into a federally administered Union Territory. The UN Security Council considered a resolution condemning the invasion which was vetoed by the Soviet Union. Most nations later recognised the annexation, and Portugal recognised it after its Carnation Revolution in 1974. On 1987-05-30, the Union Territory was split, and Goa was elevated as India's twenty-fifth state, with Daman and Diu remaining Union Territories.

Q. What does Hephail mean?

A. Well, was trying to register with AIM, so wanted something which could be used across any site, without rejection :p

Started with wet rain, dryice, dryhail, .... and voila: Hephail!

Q. Is there any one else with such a crazy nick?

No. But Fadhail comes close... Almost think of him as a brother :p

Bombay Local Trains

Somehow, there is a certain adrenaline rush in getting into a Bombay local.
I guess it's a feeling of being a part of the rat race, about whether you actually get into the train... or get Pushed out :p

The one thing which bothers me, is that no one ever tells you about the different legends used, which could invariably get you a fine.

Like the fact that getting into a bogie with red lines crossed diagonally, means that you got into a First class bogie.

Or a bogie full of women, far from being a fantasy, is actually a Ladies only bogie, with Ladies only, scrawled in such a place, that you're liable to miss it.

A bogie which is written Luggage over it, can actually be entered into with a second class ticket.

And the fact that a fast train, means that it only stops at the stations marked in red, on a list, which is provided only inside the train.

Where is a handbook, when you need one !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Watching a woman drive yesterday, at her own freaking pace, without once looking in the rear window... made me think!

Men Drivers and Riders may soon be an Endangered Species!

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