Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bombay Local Trains

Somehow, there is a certain adrenaline rush in getting into a Bombay local.
I guess it's a feeling of being a part of the rat race, about whether you actually get into the train... or get Pushed out :p

The one thing which bothers me, is that no one ever tells you about the different legends used, which could invariably get you a fine.

Like the fact that getting into a bogie with red lines crossed diagonally, means that you got into a First class bogie.

Or a bogie full of women, far from being a fantasy, is actually a Ladies only bogie, with Ladies only, scrawled in such a place, that you're liable to miss it.

A bogie which is written Luggage over it, can actually be entered into with a second class ticket.

And the fact that a fast train, means that it only stops at the stations marked in red, on a list, which is provided only inside the train.

Where is a handbook, when you need one !
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