Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harassment by Security Code: Linkedin, Gmail and Microsoft

Did you notice that lately your normal email provider or social network (not necessarily the same), are now blocking your access on mobile phone browsers, by saying that "You seem to be accessing your phone from a suspicious location".

Then, they say that they have sent you a code to an alternative email address and if you use a normal phone like a Nokia Asha 200, like me, it means you have to close the browser window, then open the email window to copy the code.

Then when you go back to the browser window, the window has expired and they then give you another code for you to enter, which is again mailed to your alternative email address.

Then, I get another message on my email application, saying that my native email application will be discontinued by 21st November.

What the fuck!

Why are they doing this?

Because all these providers, want to force users to use the internet on a desktop and use applications when you are on a mobile phone.

The loophole is:

For phones like the Nokia Asha 200, that doesn't have a Linkedin Application, a Whatsapp Application (Yes, you heard me right!) and no Outlook application, there is no option.

So Fuck you Linkedin, Whatsapp and Outlook.

And love you Facebook(Yes, you heard that right too!).

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