Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Story of Light

The Sun has spoiled us.
It makes us believe that we need to look without, for the light that lies within.
Finding my own light took its' time, but the journey is its' own reward.
One recurring thought I always had, was that I was different, that I would make the world a better place.
Born in Dubai, I couldn't understand why we Indians were treated differently from the Arabs, almost ill-treated. My one attempt to save an Indian kid from torture, lead to me almost being choked to death.
In school, I was mediocre, never good at studies nor great at sports.
The view point which others had of me, never really bothered me, for I thought the problem was with them.
I failed many times from school, to college, to M.B.A. , but studies were never my forte.
The one I thing I knew how to do, from the age of 12, was to use my voice, which I first learnt to do when I started reading the Bible in church, focusing on the man snoring in front, so that all may listen to what the story was.
This led to my first time on the stage, where as luck would have it, the microphone didn't work.I got over it and over time, came to love the stage, especially when I had to learn my first Hindi dialogues as a blind man.The laughter of the crowd, became my Viagra, keeping me on the stage long after everyone else had left.
From there to theatre, where the love of the stage became a love to act and take on multiple roles, showing that the roles were merely different parts of my personality. Theatre taught me more about MBA than MBA ever did, that if you love what you do, you automatically create teams of people who focus on what they love, what they do best.
My love of the light, slowly became a way for others to see the light too, especially those in various stages of anxiety or mental trauma. After losing a friend to suicide in 2004, I started trying to seek out those who were in stress and help them out. I did that for six years, till it dawned on me that your best friend has to be yourself, that you never give up on yourself, even if others try to make you focus on them.
That's when I started working on the way I looked, finally getting rid of my glasses after 19 years and enjoying the wonder of being independent. That no matter who you worked for, the only person you should focus on, is yourself.
I had quit the corporate life and decided to work on the rural state of Goa, bringing my positivity to everything I did. Of course, that meant that I would take risks nobody else would, but that ensured that I kept raking more soil and planting more seeds, to ensure that every new idea I had, grew with someone else.
That's my story of light thus far, and it could be yours, if you believe that the journey is its' own reward.

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