Friday, November 07, 2014

The 20 second video is going to be Epic!

After a lot of trials at marketing in the rural area called Goa, I have come to the understanding that:
  • Websites don't really work here, because the local Goan doesn't use anything beyond his cellphone and the typical visitor to Goa from urban India or Europe, is using a big screen, so right there is the point that we need to have a mobile and a PC website if we want to reach anyone.
  • Content is non-existent, I mean businesses don't even have their logos with them.
  • The only thing which seems to excite anyone, is the video, with people in Goa watching videos of people crashing into things, which has to be small, since the bandwidth in Goa is really poor.
  • While the Europeans are watching their favourite TV serial.
Hence, in conclusion, the only format which is viewable and hence reaches the maximum audience in the world, is the 20 second video.

You want samples, I got loads ... here you go

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