Thursday, November 06, 2014

Mobile Marketing: It is all about building your network of loyal and enthusiastic fans!

People have been approaching Mobile Marketing in various ways.

My approach to mobile marketing has been simple, just keep collecting data on the user in the most communicative way possible.

For example, the simplest way to get a mobile response to your hoarding or video or advertisement, is to use a missed call alert, where the fan just gives you a missed call, and voila! you now have a database of numbers who have asked to receive information regarding you, your product and your establishment.

The next approach, is to then use mobile websites, to collect information about the kind of mobile phones the fan is using. This helps you in then designing the right kind of application which will most adequately fulfil your fan's needs.

Based on this, you can then get an accurate idea of what would be the best kind of PC website which they would like, and here to focus on getting data, mainly the email address of your fan.

The simplest thing about a good website, is making sure that you are not blocked(blocking bot script) from Google searching your website, that is the worst experience you can give your fan.

Email newsletters, still remains the most effective method of informing fans about the latest happenings on your website as well as in your company.

Once you have this, you can then start collecting their postal addresses, for the purpose of sending them amazing memorabilia about your brand like calendars and key chains.

These are small efforts, but really effective in building the connect with your fan.

Of course, after all this is done, then comes the Holy Grail of mobile marketing, the mobile application.

Because, once the fan has downloaded your mobile application, without any hanging issues, this fan will be hooked to your company and product for life.

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