Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wireless life - WiFi over Mobile connectivity

Now the first thing which confuses people, is "I have a landline connection, so how do I get a WiFi connection?"

The answer is "The WiFi connection is just got by using a device which makes your landline connection wireless, so that you can connect to it even from a mobile phone, iPad or laptop"

Now I used to constantly werner "How do you prevent phones ringing in churches, movie theatres and in cars?"
And then it hit me - by making the phone WiFi only.

Now it's been nearly two weeks since I made my phone wifi only and it feels great.

It means no obligation to text people during mass, or to text them during a movie.

And now, while travelling, bike car or bus, there is no need to engage in a conversation at all, because the phone never rings.

Oh, and WiFi only, means that the battery life easily goes on for two days.

Since I'm either at home or at Brahma Kamal Goa from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. , it means that I'm always available on phone, through the landline.

Which also means that I don't get disturbed during conversations with friends, family or clients.

Oh, and long calls on the landline, only leave your ear numb, not burnt from an overheating mobile phone.

Why the move?

Well, mainly because after fighting with my mobile operator for over a year, there was no improvement in the internet and voice connectivity, here in the village of Calangute.

And that's when I realised that there was a better option, landlines and wifi zones.

It's sad when you realise that no one uses landlines anymore, especially considering that the network will always be a hundred times better than the mobile phone.

Also dongles like Tata photon, work terribly on beach stretches here in Calangute, so WiFi with speeds around 1MBps are way better.

The main issue in my village and most villages, is that people prohibit the installation of mobile towers. Which is fine, but the irony is that they still expect awesome network on their mobile phone.

I understand the need to be always available on phone, when your company is paying your phone bills and expect you always on call.

But when you run your own enterprise, why do you need to be always on call, when most things require actual personal intervention, or work out just over mail.

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