Thursday, May 02, 2013

Why I hate Google! .. especially on the mobile

Google may seem ubiquitous, but it is just turning into the virus I can't really get out of my system.

1. Gmail irritated me for the longest time, by refusing to let me add attachments through the mobile page.
2. Youtube used to be so awesome for uploading and viewing videos on the phone. Today on phone, you can't view most videos (because the message says that they don't allow mobile viewing), they don't allow you to upload videos through the mobile page.
 3. Third party integrations, like Nimbuzz with Google Talk and Gmail with Outlook, are directly refused, on the suspicion of illegal sign-ins. Obviously Google doesn't want any more third parties on its platform, atleast not someone they can't directly buy out.

I realise that the only reason for this kind of approach, is due to their interest to first hook everyone onto Google products, then slowly drag them onto the Android platform where they are quite literally stripped naked and shown for the world to see. 

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