Friday, May 31, 2013

One month of being mobile free!

It's been one month since I disconnected my Vodafone connection, and it's been uplifting to say the least. Here's why:
1. No dependency on electricity: Using a landline at home and at the shop, means that I don't have to think about charging ever again. There are actually people who didn't know that you didn't need electricity to run a landline :P . Being in a village, means that you regularly get power cuts, so it's always a mad dash to charge your phone.
2. Be as wild as you want to be: Want to dance in the rain or just enjoy the first rains? No more do you need to think about how well protected your phone is from the rain and moisture. So I don't even need to bother about carrying an umbrella or a raincoat even.
3. Talk as much as you want: Talk on and on, without worrying about whether you're in coverage or not, and whether you have battery or not. Best part is, your landline will never heat up or even cause you brain damage :p
4. No phone calls when you're spending valuable minutes with your friends who've just come into town for a day or so: Having lived in three cities almost simultaneously, it's refreshing to sit with friends without calls from other friends who want you just to drop them or help them out.
5. No running out: Being in a village, means that there's no coverage inside the building, so you usually end up having to run out everytime there's a call. You can take calls right from your desk.
6. No spam: This is the best part. Vodafone used to message me with bill reminders, early Sunday morning. Then you'll get all the insurance calls, and all the calls from ex-clients who think you're still with the old company. Again, having been in three cities simultaneously, means that the spam calls are usually from other states or cities. Even the SMS messages are crazy, most being from unknown numbers.
7. No calls while travelling: I hate calls when on the road, whether car, bike or bus. It's always so difficult to first hold the phone, and secondly to have a decent conversation. It just spoils the whole experience of travelling.
8. Amazing internet experience: I realise that with WiFi, I would try to use my mobile, even when there was a desktop or laptop around. Now this creates a lot of hassle, since now most videos on Youtube don't display properly on the mobile. Also most sites aren't still easy to view on the mobile, especially LinkedIn. Even my blogging has improved, since nothing beats a 19 inch screen with a full keyboard and mouse. I watch mostly videos on broadband. On the mobile, the EDGE speed in the village was almost 1/10th the speed in the city.
9. Applications need broadband: I realised that most applications like Skype and Whatsapp, need broadband, despite the tallest mobile operator claims.
10. Using the cloud to be device independent: Once I synced my phone to Skydrive and started using, there was actually no need to back anything from my phone, since everything was already on the Microsoft cloud, which I frankly trust way more than Google. I can even Google Chat from Outlook.

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