Monday, May 20, 2013

Why men hate women!

 There has been just too much of hate against women, especially in India.

So here's my definition of top ten reasons why:

1. Pseudo power structure: For years, men used to strut around like peacocks, while their women fawned over them, letting them actually feel like the lord of the mansion. But the irony is that the system has actually been matriarchal, especially in states like Kerala and the overall change to a patriarchal system, has been purely politically driven, as men are way easier to manipulate than women.
In Kerala, men don't actually meet women, till they marry them.

2.Change in Power Structure: With more and more women, earning way more money than peer men, the main differentiator, being money power, is slowly disappearing away. Women no longer have to depend on men to drive them around or to take them to the supermarket.

3.Holding the cards: Women for years, have been holding certain skills to themselves, under the belief that if these were shared with the men, it would deny them their right to the household. One of these skills, is cooking, where the women have been passing down these skills, generation to generation, via the women. Even in families where there are no daughters, the mother chooses to teach the women servants, rather than her male children.

4.Minority power: For years, women have enjoyed the minority power, from the small pleasures like the ladies only seats in the bus to special coaches in the train, to being able to leave office during closing hours, rather than stay in late, as typical batchelors are expected to do.

5.Establishments need women:This kind of dichotomy dictates that the woman is needed more than the guy, in some cases as the ticket, for establishments such as nightclubs and restaurants which sternly state "No Stags allowed". Creates a big insecurity that a guy needs a woman to feel whole.

6.Beauty in the eyes of the beholder: In India, the biggest gap between the man and the woman, exists in beauty and basic hygiene. Men just don't take care of their bodies as much as the women. And if they did try, they just give in to confusing messages about deodorants and body gels. If men just worked on keeping their tummy tucked in, their bodies active and their nails clean, living with a woman would be so much easier, for both parties. Women keep men out of their actual social structures, like the parlors and thereby indulge in community wisdom.

7.Lack of actual finishing schools: Both to get a job and to get a suitable partner, what we lack here in India, is a great finishing school system, similar to the sororities, fraternities and football clubs present in American geographies, which enable men and women to meaningfully develop relationships. This means that the first time a man meets a woman, he is usually stumped about the right thing to say, because his mind is usually clogged up with his misconception of what women actually want.

8.Expression: Women are always more expressive than men, more so in this age of the internet, where more women blog than men. This creates frustration, since the man would like to express himself, but he isn't sure how much is socially acceptable, in the male archetype which he strives to fit in.

9.Social structure at home: Sheryl Sandberg isn't the only one who has to change her man to fit her lifestyle. The typical social structure dictated the woman to be always at home, at the beck and call of the husband, where she worships the ground he walks on, and feeds the husband, before she feeds herself. How does a man suddenly learn to fend for himself, when the wife is out at work.

10.Lack of egalitarianism: Gujarat is the only state in the country where egalitarianism is practiced, evident in open social structures such as the dandiya and the garbah. Also the only state where enterpreneurship is encouraged, hence great ability for man to manage his business and his family simultaneously.

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