Thursday, May 08, 2014

Twitter needs tweaking

The problem with Twitter, is that they still haven't really understood what it is all about.

Twitter as a network is more personal than any other network, because it is more about your true thoughts and feelings.

The biggest screw-up with Twitter is the Direct Messages feature, which has been given step motherly treatment right from the beginning. Currently, it is the most vulnerable part of Twitter, collecting spam and being used to spam visitors.

Friend search, a real mess. Twitter doesn't even have the option whereby you can search within your own friend list.

I miss summise, the search engine which Twitter bought to drive their own Twitter search. That search engine classified tweets my the mood, whether happy or sad. That would come in handy in removing trolls from a conversation.

What needs to happen with Twitter, is the ability to create a garden of thoughts, where seeds planted by someone, are grown by others and then reach a stage of real-world application, if possible.

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