Thursday, May 08, 2014

How to get online without getting undressed!

This is not a story about the most internet illiterate person you'll ever meet.
No, rather it's a story about the internet celebrity, making the mistake you'd never make, just because they never worried about getting caught.

But hey, everybody gets caught in the end, whether they be Charles Sobhraj or Carlos the Jackal. But few get to write a story they can sell, about it.

Mark Zuckerberg, the man who created the platform which got everybody exposing everything about themselves, actually gets caught saying a lot of nasty things about how he just wants to win, irrespective of every body else.

Or Evan Spiegel, CEO of arguably the most popular chatting platform around, actually being exposed for the sexist he is. Also that he writes pretty bad emails.

So what does that have to do with you?

Everything, because you're no way half as popular as these guys, or if you are, you're definitely way more savvy to be reading this.

Because looking good online, starts with the most basic of conversation, the email.

And it starts with the most basic of skills, touch typing.

So yes, learn to type in full, rather than think it's cool to write in abbreviations, or by murdering all the vowels in a word. Because if you did that, you'd just backstab yourself or score your own self goal. How embarrassing is that?

So don't , because as someone who has been in different industries will tell you, that the jargon which seems self evident to everyone there, actually has another meaning altogether when you go to another industry. So be clear. I like the way the British simplify everything, like calling ATMs (also known as Asynchronous Transfer Mode in Computer Network terminology) cash machines and SMS as texts.

The simpler you talk or write, the easier it is for people to understand you.

So yes, emails should have a different subject line, summarising what the content is.

And don't use only Capital letters (Also called All Caps) in your emails at all, because it is considered as shouting, and should never be done ever.

When you write, try to maintain a conversation, rather than expect people to treat every word you say as the gospel, which they don't even do it for the priest today.

Talk to people in every day terms, in things which they are used to doing. So yes, first observe, then elucidate.

And write with the thought that one day you might be quoted, out of context. That's the fear I live with everyday I write.

From text to images, don't expect people wanting to actually see you, no they don't want to. What they would really like, is to see things through your eyes, like the way people like to see things through the eyes of JoegoaUk.

And please, if you want to share pictures of your wedding pictures, or your batchelorette party, do it with only your friends. That goes for the every day bar picture as well.

Let's be frank, the reason that you see people in pictures such as on Page 3, are those who really want to be there and expect to be there. Hence they ain't going to be all sozzled out when they get their picture clicked. So if you aren't in your senses, stay away from pictures of any kind.

Don't let people tag you, spend some time reviewing privacy on Facebook , of which there is actually none.

So yes, end of story is, when you go online, it is the same as when you go out.

Put your best foot forward.

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