Saturday, May 31, 2014

Trust in God, but never remember your Passwords

How many of us actually go out, without carrying our keys where ever we go.
Like do you ever leave it on the door itself?

No? So why do you do it with email account, your facebook account.

And not just on your laptop, but on your iPad and your phone.

Because today, almost every website, has a default setting "Save Password".
If you're going to save your password on any device, you might as well not have a password at all.
It's like that Terminator movie scene, where Arnold arnold Schwarzenegger's character literally picks up a phonebook and has access to all of Linda Hamilton's character, Sarah Connor's data including where her mother stays.

That is the kind of situation we are in today.

Think of the day your mother passes away , in her will she leaves her house to you. And then the next day you find that the keys have been stolen and somebody changed the locks.
How would you feel about that, would it not make you feel lost, especially if you have no home to go to.

That is exactly what it would feel like, if the only email account you used, was suddenly locked to you, and you had no way of getting in.

And this is only the desktop.
Today's mobile is way more complicated, such as Twitter not letting you log out of their mobile website.
Or applications like Whatsapp having no log off button.

You might ask "If I have to remember all my usernames and passwords, how will I remember them".
It's just like keys, if you keep too many keys for everything, then you're going to have a lot of keys to keep in your bag or purse.
The simpler thing to do, is to reduce the number of keys you have.

The next question is, what happens in case you die. Is there a nominee policy like there is in banks, where your account automatically goes to the nominee mentioned by you.
A similar process may be created for websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, where your profile could be turned into an obituary.

Hence, in conclusion, we have to figure out ways to reduce and make simpler, the art of keeping their lives secure.

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