Thursday, November 21, 2013

Indian CCTV hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the CCTV in India is based on the following points:
1. No one is constantly watching them. This is totally unlike what you expect after watching tonnes of movies where the security guards are manning the cameras. Most of them are just gossipping in a corner sipping tea.
2. That there is no trigger for a CCTV, only passive recording.
3. That they are looking at the right thing. Most CCTVs aren't even placed in a proper position so that you may adequately get a view of the perpetrator, or his license plate. In supermarkets, most cameras don't even face the customer or follow his hands. In most aisles, the camera usually faces the back of the customer.
4. That they can even see anything. Most of the actual footage to be viewed, is viewed in the dark, with no surety of actual visibility.

Possible solutions:
1. Place a CCTV at entry points with suitable motion censors and lights tied in, so that the only footage taken, is when there are actually people in the room. This would make sieving through videos that much simpler, it would also frighten the people into thinking that there was constant monitoring.
2. Try a call-centre setup for CCTV monitoring so that any situation occurring, may be addressed in real time. Alternatively, use video tracking software which will trigger in case of violent situations. Example:

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