Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who needs GPS?

Back home in Bangalore, India, GPS was just a technology, something about averaging signals from 3 satellites to find your location with an accuracy of a few metres.
I mean, why would u spend Rs. 16,000 on a device supposed to show u the way, when the cops change two way roads into one way roads almost fortnightly :-p
Ofcourse, getting there means asking every second person("What is the address?") on the road, who will gladly show you the way (especially if you'll give him a lift while you're at it :p) . Some guys will tell you to just follow them, if you're lucky enough to be going their way.

Here in Berkshire, there is hardly anyone around. Most people drive cars, so asking around for the way, is a little cumbersome.
Even the taxi guy, who has been driving in England for around 15 years, will switch on his GPS if there is an inkling of a doubt.
Every place is well mapped. When I have to go somewhere, I'll get the map of the location on the net, take a printout, and reach the place in a jiffy.

All my doubts about whether GPS would be dumped in favour of Galileo, have suddenly Disappeared ;)
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