Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why adults don't wear the Smart Watch

For the longest time, people thought that watches would go out of style, because everyone could tell the time using their mobile phone.
Well, they didn't and people still use their watch to tell time, and pay their watch repairman obscene amounts of money to ensure that it continues to do so.

But anyway, the truth is that smart watches were never really built for adults, the same way in which iPads were never really built for the hacker.


Smart watches have been around for years, and they were doing a lot of nifty things which phones have just started doing:
  1. They were the first digital diaries, being able to store 40-50 numbers at a time.
  2. They were the first calculators, and also the devices with the first dedicated numerical keypads.
  3. They were the first remote controls.
  4. They were the first learning remote controls.
  5. They were the first thermometers.
  6. They were the first devices to sync up with the computer.
And who was using them?
Kids, teenagers.

So what do you know, who'll be using them again?
Kids, teenagers.
And who'll be paying for them?
Their parents.
Using online systems and dashboards :P
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