Sunday, June 29, 2014

National Treasure - Goan Genealogy

Treasure is something from the past, which is valuable for two reasons; one because it is old and secondly because it has inherent value.
So, if our ancestors did something in the past which is valuable, then it is our duty to value it, by creating a story for others to value it by.
And, if it is valuable to the history of our country, then it is National Treasure.
So this genealogy, is it an art or a science, or both?
And what about genetics and this genetic profiling.
Genealogy, like History, to me, is an art, because it is a story on life past, where the description, is wholly dependent on who the story teller is. Hence, the perspective on how history, or our story, is told, is important.

It is, in a sense, like time travelling.
For as the child is the father of the man, so, to a large extent, who your ancestors were, defines who you are.
And, by that extension, a large part of who your predecessors become, is defined by how you have lived.
Imagine living through the world wards, through your ancestors, especially when they lived in the same house as you live today.

And then think of future generations taking forward the story which you write.

So, Genealogy is the art, where you write a story on what was and what will be.

Genetic profiling is the science, whcih defines what medical history you have through the generations and what sickness you prepare against, keeping life more fun, just by being prepared.

Genealogy by name : Where you identify people by the family name.
Genealogy by profession: Where families are identified by the work they do.
Genealogy by food: Where people are identified by the food they like and the food they liked to cook.

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