Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Carplay needs to get more serious! Introducing the Clever Car.

It's great that Apple is finally waking up to integrating the iPhone with the car. Ironic that the codename for the project was Stark, definitely there's a lot to learn from Ironman.

Here are my thoughts on what they really need to do, for the car to turn into a Clever Car are:
  1. Focus on combining internet and GPS towards creating a traffic flow detector, which will enable the driver of the car to take routes which have the least congestion on a real-time basis.
  2. In cars which have multiple traction and suspension settings, use GPS combined with roughness settings, to automatically select the mode, whether Race, Performance, Normal or Off-Road.
  3. Convert the phone, into a keyless remote, so that the doors automatically open, when the driver comes near the car, through detection of the phone.
  4. Create a seamless music experience, by automagically playing the last song from the music player on the phone.
  5. Detect friends in cars passing by and create an easy information exchange setting, so that contact information can easily be shared, and then the friend can be contacted directly over phone, chat or email, as per preference.
  6.  Like Ironman, what we need is a front camera integrated with the phone, which can easily recognise objects and read/record license plates for easy reference in case of any accident or incident.
 What would you like your clever car to do?

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