Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Phones I hate!

O2 XDAII(HTC Himalya/iMate Pocket PC/Qtek 2020/Orange SPV M1000/MDA II):

A phone this powerful, was supposed to be smarter, not dumber, than the rest.
I loved this phone, till I realised that if the backup battery dries up, the whole phone gets wiped out... everything... I mean the phone actually started reinstalling when I switched it on.
All my data(recipe book, Expense sheet,), address book, pictures, ... all gone!

Nokia 6600

Way too slow. The kind of incidents that horror stories are made of.
Imagine you talking to someone, and then cutting the call. After one hour, you realise that the call is still active.

Nokia 3230:

Currently the most popular Symbian phone in India, in my opinion.
Way too slow for most purposes.
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