Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bangalore to Berkshire

Been here in Britain for about 5 days, and I must say I'm loving it ;)

The interesting thing overall about the British, is that neither are they as overly exhuberant as the Americans nor are they as overly social as the French.

Somehow, it's all about balance!

The houses here all look like they haven't changed in years, but the truth is, they have!

The guest house I stay in has a light which pops on everytime I reach the front door, which made me think that the owner was sitting on the side window watching everyone who came up:-P

The fact was, there was a photo sensor below the light, which would get triggered every time someone came to the front door.

That's exactly how the Brits are, they like the way things are, and they would like technologies which keep things that way :p

Their choice of devices is somewhat the same....

Nokia: 6230i,6230, 6610
Sony Ericsson: W800i(Very popular), K700
Samsung: D500, D600(Really popular phones!!)
Motorola: Razr V3(or V3i, can't make out the difference :-p ), Pebl

The interesting thing is, that due to contracts, they can get which ever phone they want, but these are the ones they stick to.

Multifunctional doesn't seem to be high priority, since everyone around is shrouded with their iPod ear plugs, making them seem fiercely private.
It's the outsiders who'll buy phones such as the N70, and use the attached earphones.
For the Brits, a phone is a phone, and music is the iPod.

There seems to be a huge fascination with lotteries, as I could see with the various booths around, as well as the late night shows, with belly dancers and funky hosts.
It was interesting to see, that most of the people who called up to these kind of shows, were women, showing ofcourse, that the women here are a lot smarter, more upfront, more mature than the guys here.

Big Brother

Coming from India, it was a little disconcerting to see cameras everywhere, meaning that somewhere, everything I've done before I even land in England, is documented somewhere.
I mean, they even have mikes, so with my big mouth, it won't be long before I get caught for saying something provocative :p

Being in Dubai, I thought I would see the same kind of cars here, but that ain't true.
The accent here is more on quality than economy(depending on your economy of course :p ), so the guys who are still studying , would typically have an American car like a Ford, or a functional japanese or korean car.
People who want functionality, get a Ford.
The techies, seem to love their BMWs ... they seem to be the only ones who walk in with all their gadgets ;)
Otherwise, it's VW everywhere!

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