Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Social Glue

This link, made me think :-P

The juicy parts:

"the rise of networked individualism - where users of modern technology are less tied to local groups and increasingly part of more geographically scattered networks.

"This creates a new basis for community. Rather than relying on a single community for social support, individuals often actively seek out a variety of appropriate people and resources for different situations," he said. "

People used to either be net freaks, or net allergic.
Now, it's actually acceptable for people to lead socially active lives, as well as virtually active lives.

Brings me back to my previous article about social networks.

Now, it looks like we are getting even more socially active, with friend circles actually spanning the entire globe, or atleast parts of the globe which have internet :P

I like the thought of being networked individuals, the fact that we are strong individuals, hence the networks are even stronger, because the individuals are more clearly themselves.

The fact that no longer do we just call up the same person no matter the problem. Now, we call the person, who can more effectively solve the problem.
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