Friday, February 24, 2006

The Myspace Virgin

I always used to say that the only way to understand something, is to fully do it yourself.

I mean, how would someone who is in the 30+ age group, married, with a kid, and geeky to say the least, be able to understand the 18-22 age group, especially when it involves something so basic as hanging out.

His rant:

Why? Because I just don’t get it. I wish I did, but I don’t. Those crazy kids today, and all that. I mean, I get the components of it all - community, pictures, messages, music, social networking, yada-yada, but I don’t *get* why MySpace in particular is popular. I don’t grok it down deep. Or Facebook for that matter (not that I’ve ever seen Facebook - what a competitive advantage, hey? If you’re out of school you can’t even see what the hell the site does!). Why did these sites get such traction when others didn’t?

So let me start by saying that Myspace RAWKS, firstly because there is already a guy(Tom, the freakin creator!) on ur friendlist with freaking 5,827,8621 buddies. You don't have to feel i did when i first joined Friendster.... no buddies on registration :(

So basically, you can click on anyone, to get to see a page.

Another cool thingie... is tha fact that the bulletin board only goes out to people your close to, meaning your friendlist. Not to freaking everyone on the planet the way hi5 does.

People think that Myspace profile pics are clean... but that's only cos they got their censor scissors out ! Bummer! :( Especially when most of the pics are fingerlicking hawt! :p

The KEEEEEEEWWLEST thing though, is the fact that you can upload freaking anything... from your own HTML crap.... to the pics, music, videos... and oh yeah... the blogs :p

Some of the pages are so unbelievable... u start thinking they are personal pages!

So if you ask me, why I love Myspace... its because:
its ME!

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