Monday, September 11, 2017

Why Blue Whale and the Delhi student killing are related and can be prevented

It is really sad to read about the number of students who are taking their lives due to the Blue Whale issue. But the Blue Whale issue is not a problem in itself, it is a systematic problem affecting India as a whole, considering that mental health as an issue, has never really been taken seriously enough, to be addressed in concrete steps.

The Delhi killing at the Ryan International School, is another issue, which needs to be addressed, the issue of physical abuse in our schools. 

This is where Big Data comes into play.

For the Blue Whale issue, we need to monitor all the students who enter and leave the school, and monitor their behavior in the school.

So what is the solution?

The solution is an RFID based school management solution, which needs to be implemented all across teaching and non-teaching staff categories.

The teachers need to mark the behavior of the students in school, using their desktops and mark students who seem listless or not interested. That is usually the first sign of abuse.

Then the staff needs to be monitored, by giving them specific zones within which they are allowed and setting up alerts in case they move out of their specified zones.

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