Tuesday, September 06, 2016

What it means to be an artist

We have to understand, that being an artist, is the outcome of being passionate.
Just because Steve Jobs didn't invent touch screen technology, doesn't mean that he isn't the smartphone pioneer.
If an artist uses garbage to make a painting, is it that she needs to make the garbage to be considered the creator of that art?
Why is it that people don't understand that creation of an experience is so much more important than just the creation of a product which you can feel and touch.
Many artists today, including here in Goa, employ carpenters and steel workers to make their creations, but it doesn't mean that the artist is the carpenter.
The main focus has to be on the person who actually has the ability to see what is, and then envision what it could be.
There is a big difference between the Nomad Jukebox and the iPod, the main being how many people actually fit a Nomad Jukebox into their pocket everyday on their way to the train.
The passion in creation is the passion in utility and the segmentation of the user from just a user to a style icon.

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