Friday, July 04, 2014

The Pwefect Phabbit

With the Pwefect Phabbit, it's all about looks. As the Russians say "You are judged first by how you look, appear , then by what you know."
Therefore, the first Rabbit, is all about first impressions, about how you entice the reader, the viewer, the watcher, the voyeur.
For it is with the eyes, that we first start sensing things around us. Hence the first rabbit, is very focussed on how he is perceived, whether on the streets or on the internet.
Because if you don't watch out for your reputation, there are always those, who seek to create and therefore cement their version of your reputation.
Imagine if the Pwefect Phabbit, went for a job. His future employer, will first check with people around him, the references provided, then he will search for news around the Pwefect Phabbit online.
Now the Pwefect Phabbit, has been smart. He has been constantly writing blogs, putting his best pictures and making the right connections on professional networks.
Oh, the employer is so happy, he hires the Pwefect Phabbit the next day.

How did he do it?
What makes the Pwefect Phabbit so perfect?

The first thing, is that the Pwefect Phabbit first listened and watched. He read blogs by various people online, watched their photographs, viewed their videos and slowly started engaging with them to understand them better.
The more he engaged with others, the more he was clear on who he wanted to be.

He then nibbled at this. He first put up a picture of a bird he liked, which he had taken with his camera phone.. Then he took a picture of his water glass with a tubelight behind it and posted it.
Nothing great, but atleast it was all original.
As he spoke with more people online he was more sure about who he liked and didn't like.
Similarly, he was more clear about which parts about him, he liked more. So what did he do?
Well he focussed more on the parts he liked. He started building a profile about himself, talking about what he liked, what he didn't like, what he thought about the world at large.
He also focussed on the world in small.
So what happened?
Well, as more people started talking to him, and his profile had more about him, there were even more people who wanted to talk to him.
So the Pwefect Phabbit, started putting more in his profile, slowly working it, to try to get more hits on his profile.
He realised that the more he talked about the things he liked, the more likely he was to find others who liked the same things.
And the more he found people who liked the things he liked, the more interested he was in finding more about them.
Some had done a lot more with themselves, while others had done a little less. But everything was different, because people were different.

So the more Pwetty the Phabbit looked, the more people came to look at him.
And the more he looked at others, the more he found things he could improve in himself. To figure it out better, he started looking for real role models, people with high levels of popularity
who he could relate with. Obviously, the more popular the role model, the more likely that the role model would be very well connected and aware of different skills of communication.
So the Pwetty Phabbit just kept up conversations with his role models and tried to understand them better.
The more he understood them, the more he understood himself.

So he started step by step. First pictures of his eyes, then his nose, which really got a lot of reviews from the crowd and then onwards to the full picture, with options.
First one fluffy ear, then his long point teeth.
When he reached his little bobby tail, then he felt comfortable.

Of course, when he looked pwetty enough, he looked for other pwetty rabbits to converse with.

Spy Rabbit

The spy rabbit, was the ultimate journalist. He wanted to know everythign there was to know about every body. Of course, that also meant, that everyone was also very interested in knowing what he knew.
So he started building a little fortress, where his little burrow was made more and more secure. The first thing he realised, was that he didn't want everyone to know where he was.
So he first changed his name.
He created a pseudo name, a pseudonym. The beauty of this pseudonym was that no one else had the name, so he could keep using the same pseudonym whereever he went.
He didn't have to worry about remembering a different pseudonym everytime he went to a new club, or college. Every pplace used the same name, so he didn't have to
keep a separate book with all the pseudonyms, which someone else could steal.
Once he figured out the pseudonym he wanted to use, the next step was the password. he realised that initials with a number was a secure form, but that he had to keep changing it, because different places
required a different form of password. So then he tried to create a universal password, which would work with most clubs and communities.
The next thing he realised, was that he couldn't waste all the effort he made in making the pseudonym and the password, by having others find it.

So he made sure that no one would be allowed to remember his password, even those who promise to take good care of him and keep him safe. For he knew that all the club wanted
was to take him in, but never to let him go.
So he made sure that all his visits were brief and never were he to let his guard down.
For those around him, were eager to know more about him, to steal it if they had to. For the only way they were able to keep a control of him was to keep a control on all he knew.

Once he was sure, he then double checked. He realised there are traps being laid everywhere for him to sacrifice his privacy.

First thing, was the credit card, he realised that it was so easy for someone to just take his number and use ot to book their own purchase using his money.

So before he chose what he wanted to do, he had to choose who he wanted to do it with.

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