Monday, March 17, 2014

The best alternative to Shaving Cream - Shower Gel / Body Wash

Now you might ask "Who actually still uses shaving cream?"
We're a dying breed, I'll give you that.

The reason is the brush. The shaving brush is like the butcher's knife which tenderises the skin.

There are various reasons why men, love the shaving brush:
  1. It actually helps in getting a closer shave, especially done after a hot bath.
  2. Leaves your skin feeling softer.
  3. If done right, might even eliminate the need for an aftershave.
This is where the shower gel is a great alternative:
  1. It eliminates the need for a shaving cream and an aftershave.
  2. Leaves your skin soft and clean shaven.
  3. Doesn't require a hot bath before shaving. 
  4. Smells way better.

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