Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Truly Interesting Mobile Application

What does it mean to make a mobile application? [Video]

Is it something which you make for people to enjoy or from a data-mining point of view.
Do you make an application, because you want to create a franchisee out of it, like Birds which was created because the line-up was cute, hence it was for the users to enjoy the characters or you created a flight simulator game because you wanted to create a virtual world where you live out a fantasy.
It could even be a simple video sharing application like Vine, where an experience is created using a mobile , which can only be experienced on a desktop computer.

Becuase as much as you would like to say that the mobile is mobile and the web is web, the two are not separate, they are one.
So, when you create an experience, understand that the mobile is the greatest content creation tool ever made, it's even used to shoot this video.
But, it's not the great viewing tool made.

So, anyone can make a lovely video, interesting audio clip or click amazing images.

But to view it,they use something a lot bigger, like an iPad or a desktop with a 42 inch screen or even a television.
And that's the kind of audience which you have to look at.

Today, to broadcast is cheap, but to view is expensive.

So what ever you create with a small tool like the mobile, should translate to a larger than life experience on the desktop.

So you have to collect location data, the sights and sounds connected with that, and build a much greater experience for the desktop viewer.

You might disagree and say that you make a mobile application for mobile viewers.

But there is no appreciation, because a mobile user wants everything for free.
There is no value for viewing on a small screen, because size does matter.
That is what you have to focus on, that while the mobile is small and tiny, what it creates is huge beyond belief.

Hence, if you create an application which can monitor people as they walk on the beach, and if it showed the best locations to get shots of boats on the beach. Like where do you get the best breakfast available. So you mark all those little things. So you've created an application which is Always-On and will supply traffic patterns of movements of walkers on the beach. You could use this on the desktop and people would be interested in because it would create a lot of Big Data.

You need to stop running after the Big Keywords or Trends which always hit you as a main meme.
Big Data sounds amazing is amazing, but what is used to create it, is the main question.
So simple applications like this, which fill the gap for Big Data, for geographies like India where there is not enough traffic information, how do you capture
Like Genealogy, what are the different creative applications which will make users to collect genealogical data viz. family trees.
Would it be interesting if you sit at a party and you meet a cousin, and you wonder the relation, like who's their father and you realise that in small villages and towns, that data is the most important.
So you take a few pictures and you add that to your family tree. Took you a few seconds, but that information would be valuable for centuries.

These are the thoughts you bounce around and play with, before you finally get down and build your mobile application.

That is the only way to make yourself relevant.

By making something which is user friendly and people love to use, while at the same time, being sustainable and makes you enough of money to enjoy what you do and keep enjoying what you do for the rest of your life.

The truly interesting mobile application.


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