Thursday, December 20, 2012

Connection - U.S. School Killings versus Rape in India

There has been a big uproar in U.S. around the recent shooting in Newtown.
Similarly, there has been a big uproar in India around the recent gangrape in Delhi.

Could there be an underlying issue which has not yet been addressed?
I think so.

I believe that the same way U.S. cinema has lauded the cool, the perfect and the thin, Indian cinema has lauded the ability of women to control their men.

Look at Husbands in Goa . It's a comedy (the last bastion of free speech) film about three husbands who run away from their domineering wives, and take a trip to Goa. It shows the underlying issue that men in India, are constantly controlled by their wives.This creates a huge complex, and an increasing amount of frustration within such men.

People looking at India, believe India to be the hotbed of sexuality(and home of the Kama Sutra). They believe that to discover one's sexuality, one should live in India.

The truth, is that we Indians are extremely uncomfortable with our sexuality. The boys are controlled by their mothers, till the time comes for them to get married, by which time they're controlled by their wives.

Now with the newly perceived feminism, women are confusing their display of sexuality, with aggression, albeit within the bedroom, while showing their meek side in the boardroom.

This creates a confused man, one who's macho in the boardroom, and meek in the bedroom.

Look at Never Been Kissed . It too is a comedy (the last bastion of free speech) film about a geek who has never been kissed, never been in a serious relationship. It shows the underlying issue, that geeks (those who never really took too well to sports and social life) , never really have a life till they become cool.

This creates a terribly large inferiority complex within the geek, creating frustration against the school system, and society at large.

Hence, my belief, is that rather than talk about gun-control and castration, what really needs to be looked at, is the underlying social system, breeding these evils.

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