Thursday, August 23, 2012

Social Media in Goa

Goa is a state of hyperbole declarations.
One of them, is that social media as a medium, is very new to Goa.
The other is that social media, does not embrace Konkani, the language of Goa.
Another is that social media is embraced by a very small percentage of Goa's population

The truth is that social media has been in Goa, since 1892, that too in the local language and viewed by a majority of the population.

This form of social media in Goa, is Konkani theatre, known by the names of Tiatr, Khell and Zagor.
The Tiatr, performed amongst all strata of society, has covered all forms of political, social and religious criticism, in the form of dramatic messages, covering the current political party, social issues such as treatment of senior citizens by their offspring and people's attitude to practised religion versus actual living.

The Zagor, performed mostly amongst very small groups of villagers, is a lot more vulgar and direct, resulting in direct depiction of specific individuals within the village. This results in the person being indirectly castigated and corrected.

The Khell, performed around the Carnival, is unstoppable, even when the Carnival itself is banned.

The result? Goans are considerably well informed about community expectations around politics, religion and society.

What about the internet's social media?
Goa has had her own bulletin board since 1995.
Most of Goa's social media communities, are built by Goans, outside Goa.
Social media about Goa, is usually set up by entities based in Delhi.
There has also been a lot of hyperbole media created by Goa's Department of Tourism.

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