Monday, September 12, 2011

Email etiquette

In India, we really tend to forget that Email needs a specific thought, to ensure that it is effectively used.
The Spam button is just a click away.
Here are a few tips to keep your mail away from the Spam box:
  1. As far as possible, try to keep the subject line very direct and to the point. When writing to a client, it helps to keep your company name in the subject line, especially if you aren't using a company ID.
  2. Never express emotion in an email. If you feel that an issue needs to be addressed, use the phone.
  3. Try to limit your email to a maximum of 5 lines, otherwise you're going to lose a lot of blackberry users trying to read your email on their tiny screen.
  4. If you can break up every email body into what the call to action is for the reader, based on your expressed need, you can be sure to get a good response most of the time.

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