Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tips: Mumbai Local Train

In the few months, that I have travelled by train, this is what I never want to forget:
  1. Every train is not the same size: There are typically 9 coach trains, and 12 coach trains, hence if you see people running when the next train comes, it's because it's so short that you can't get on from where you are, or the first class will turn into second class. Usually the train sign has a 12 and 9 written next to the destination and train time.
  2. Don't think of standing when Kurla arrives!: Kurla is a major junction, especially if you come from Vashi and the like. So instead of trying to stand like a rock when everyone is running, jump out of the train with the crowd, and then jump back in, if your stop is ahead of kurla. You could get mauled!
  3. Ask, don't assume! When standing, waiting for your stop to come, make sure that you ask people in front of you if they are getting off, otherwise you could get stuck expecting people at the door to get off!
  4. Plug in your iPod when you sit, not when you stand, otherwise other passengers asking you for help could get stranded.
  5. Virar, means Jump! If you get into a Virar local(which in most cases you should avoid),then make sure that you jump before the train stops, if you want to get down at Dadar or Bandra. Otherwise, you ain't getting off :P
  6. Not all trains take guys! If you see only ladies waiting for a train, it's a ladies special
  7. Follow the herd This is one place where you need to watch where the crowd goes to eat or drink, because that would be the place for you to graze as well!
  8. Watch for trains with short trips Certain places like Bandra and Dadar, have trains which start from there, hence they would be the only ones where you could actually get a breather.
  9. Rickshaws need to be caught, not waited upon! Places like Malad and Borivali, need you to move in the opposite direction to the movement of the crowd, because you won't get an empty rickshaw in these kind of places.
  10. Take First Class passes for a month at a time! This way you can be sure that you don't forget when the pass expires, because the T.C. guys usually know before you do :P
  11. Don't ever try to enter long distance train platforms with a local train pass, even if the railways in the same.
  12. Don't take a fast train unless the difference is more than 4 stations, slow trains have a better frequency.
  13. Never use a rain jacket/coat on the train, you might end up wetting everyone else.
  14. Always buy return tickets, unless you don't have to spend too much time on the platform.
  15. Careful with the Pass, once lost, no hope. Smart Cards are good that way, always give you more than you pay for.
Update: 20th April 2010 If a train is late by more than 6 minutes in peak morning hours, expect to get unusually crushed, especially if a train or two is cancelled!

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