Monday, September 14, 2009

Setting Vodafone Live on your Windows Mobile phone in India

I had a huge fight on Thursday with the Vodafone GPRS guy who said "Sir, it is impossible to set Vodafone Live on your Windows Mobile phone, that is why people pay extra for Vodafone Connect!"

Bullshit! I had got it working before I got my Xperia serviced.
It's not that difficult.
Go to Settings> Connection Setup> 
Here it downloads Vodafone_www settings, cool!
Now, go to Settings> Connections
Under Vodafone_www> Manage existing connections ,  add:
  • Enter a name for the connection: Vodafone Live
  • Select a  modem: Cellular line (GPRS, 3G)
Click "Next"
  • Access point name: portalnmms
Click "Next"
  • User name
  • Password
  • Domain 
blank, don't type anything.
Then click Finish.

Now look for the bottom tab called Proxy Settings

Check the box which says "This network connects to the Internet"
Check the box which says "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet"

Add the Proxy server name as: ""
Click Advanced
Click on "HTTP " under Type, and then add the Port number as 9401


Now that your Vodafone live settings are working, show Vodafone the middle finger :P and enjoy!

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