Friday, November 23, 2007

Maldives: Beautifully Expensive

Was in the Maldives last weekend, for ... of all things... a biz visit!
Was lovely ... makes me realise that the more of the world u see... the more you realise how its all the same.
I realise that we Goans share a true kinship with the Maldivians... it was real eerie.
Didn't take much pics... just this much :p
Was passing through Srilanka on the way there, we went by Srilankan Airlines.
Bought a book by a Srilankan author, No longer my child, by Arthur De Zoyza.
It was supposed to be the first fiction book by this author, but it turned out to be more fact.
Looks like the SriLankans don't know the meaning of fiction :P
I saw this even when I read the newspaper, that the second page contained more advertisements by Funeral arrangemnet companies than any other company.
I mean, if you read an indian newspaper the first thing that you will notice is that the front page has to have some frivolous like which cricketeer has been spotted with a new hair cut lately :P

Anyway, when we reached the Maldives the interesting thing was that everything was an island.
The airport was one Island, the capital city was one Island ... and every resort was a separate island. I guess when I was told that the Maldives consist of 1200 islands, out of which only 200 were inhabitated, I should have guessed it... DOH!!

The most unique thing about the Maldives , in my experience ... was the Surfing.
I was watching this guy who made the design on this surf-board... really Rad!... and found out that they love Heavy Metal... just as much as they love Bollywood music!

Unbelievable? ... Believe it :P

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