Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coffee at 1AM

Was at a coffee shop with a friend around 1AM. Heard a group of Europeans nearby, discussing with the waiter about investing in land in Bangalore.
They were asking him if it would be possible to double an investment in 2 years.
This is where my ears pricked up... the talk of business :p
I hollered "You should be able to double your investment in one year!"
Then they turned in my direction, and we got into an interesting conversation right from:
They :Which is the best place in India to start a business?
Us : Goa!
They :Europeans get married purely on lust, and thus dismarry real fast (quoted a divorce rate of 40%). So what is the deal with Arranged Marriages?
Us: Previously, Indians would never see their bethrothed till the day of the engagement(Some of us still fall in that category :p ).
Now, the parents find someone they like, and then let us decide if that is the right person for us. So while the parents calculate the long term prospects of the marriage, the issue of whether lust exists or not, is decided by us.
They : So the parents decide on the long term part, and you guys look for the spark.
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